REFUNDS:  In most cases we do not give refunds.  We will always replace a Gift Basket that is lost in shipment, arrives damaged or items within the Gift Basket are not fresh.  If there are individual items, which are not usable or edible due to damage or lack of freshness, we will simply replace those items, or the entire Gift Basket, if necessary. We may or may not request that the original items or Gift Basket be returned to us, and we will cover the cost for shipping and re-shipping if such a situation should occur. 

Please notify us within 7 days after receipt of the Gift Basket to rectify any problems.  We cannot take responsibility for damage or lack of freshness after this time.

RETURNS DUE TO ADDRESS PROBLEMS:  If a basket is returned to us due to incorrect information received from our customer, there will be an $8.00 repackaging charge.  The original packaging cannot be re-used.  If we receive additional charges from the shipper due to missing information on an address, those charges will be passed on to you, the Customer.  If you choose a refund instead of resending the returned Gift Basket, we will deduct the shipping charges and a 25% restocking fee from the refund.

Sales Tax:  We are required to collect sales tax from all California residents whether sending the Gift Basket within California, or to an out of state location.  The current rate is 8% of  the price of the Gift Basket.

If you are purchasing gift baskets for re-sale, please contact us to provide the appropriate Seller’s Permit information and details.  We must have this information on file to classify the baskets sold as pre-tax items.

Pricing and Payment:  We are committed to providing you with excellent value for the Gift Baskets that you purchase.   All Gift items must be pre-paid before they can be shipped, unless alternative arrangements are made when you place the order.  Normally, this will only occur on Corporate accounts with multiple items ordered.  We accept valid and authorized payments through MasterCard ,VISA, AMEX, Discover and money orders.  Personal checks must clear before we can ship.  If you must cancel an order, please do so within one hour after placing the order.  After that time we cannot guarantee that the order can be stopped.

Yes, we can include items for the family dog, cat, bird, gerbal or bunny.  Anything else is probably questionable, but feel free to ask.  Let us know if you want this special service and specify the pet or pets for which we should include items.

Shipping:  We ship nationwide in the Continental USA.  Our shipping costs are based on the current shipping rates.  Shipping is a pass-through expense.  We charge by cost only.  If you wish to use your own shipping account  number, we’ll be happy to accommodate you.  We  utilize ground shipping unless you request expedited service.   Please include this information with your order.

It is always our goal to provide top quality gifts that can be shared with people your recipient may want to share their gift contents with.  We generally include a mix items, such as crackers, cheese - packaged or fresh, jams and jellies, cookies, chocolates, nuts and dried fruit. We will also include fresh fruit for locally delivered gift baskets, upon request.  We do not usually ship fresh fruit due to freshness concerns, so please keep this in mind when ordering the gift you choose to give.

In addition, we include many locally obtained items, such as olives and olive oil, honey, nuts and dried fruits, chocolates and much more, and we constantly searching for new and tasteful items that we can include from our local sources.

Special Orders (Medical or Dietary):  We provide a special service for clients who are sending Gift Baskets to people who have special dietary needs due to medical conditions, allergies, intolerances and/or requirements due to dietary choices, such as vegetarian, vegan, etc.  The same goes for issues with skin care products in our Bath and Spa Baskets.  Please contact us about such requirements and requests when you place your order.  For your Recipient’s safety and well being, we will also include product contents for any products which are not in containers with the information printed on them.

Disclaimer:Under no circumstances will this service be considered or interpreted as medical or dietary advice or information, and The Gifted Basket cannot be held responsible for same.  Any questions about the safety of the products provided in the Gift Baskets must be discussed with the recipient’s healthcare provider or advisor.

One Last Note:  Yes, We Do Kosher Gifts and can provide beautiful Chanukah Baskets.   Simply specify your request in your order and we will confirm receipt of your request by e-mail or telephone.